Saturday, May 7, 2016

bird (98k image)
This is a Pennsylvania presentation Fractur drawing for Daniel Borckholter dated 1811. It reminds me of samplers! Notice the mice running around everywhere. I love all the Pennsylvania Dutch folk art here. In fact, I have been doing a lot of water color folk art myself! Hopefully soon I will have some to offer customers in the form of coloring in yourself, or watercoloring it. I did several coloring style books about seven years ago, but just put them aside thinking no one would want to color them in! Now, low and behold, I find coloring books everywhere! Mine are not computer generated, but hand drawn.

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Monday, January 13, 2014

snowbarn (175k image) It is embarrassing so how long it has been since I added a journal entry. I do have an excuse (of course!). We have been remodeling since the end of June! What has been fun in this process, is to discover the wonderful stone walls as you rip things out. My husband has become obsessed with exposing the old stone walls. So far we have exposed some in our kitchen and the master bath. He asked me the other day, if I would like to expose some of the old stone in our bedroom. At this point, I am ready for all of the workmen to go away! I must admit though, it all looks wonderful. I guess that's what happens when you have done three previous kitchen remodels and several large additions over the years.You finally get it just the way you like it!

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Sunday, April 21, 2013

garden123 (154k image)
There are people who can multi-task and then there are the rest of us. I am very bad at doing multiple things! My brain ends up just freezing. I have been completely occupied with our fourth kitchen remodel. You would think after living in four houses across the country, I would finally figure out that I should buy a house with a kitchen already done. There is one problem with that theory though. I am never completely happy with something I haven't had a little hand in creating. I admit it, I like to tear down walls and think of ways to change things! So this summer we will recreate our kitchen! There will be one difference. I won't live through it. We will be in Maine. That makes things a lot more intense now because everything has to be planned ahead of time. I am hoping to be able to multi-task enough so that I can take before and after pictures. If the kitchen is not finished by the time we get home this summer, then we will probably be having our meals outside. I somehow don't think it will be as elegant as it is portrayed in this painting!

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Saturday, December 22, 2012

winter (105k image)
Well, it's been so long since I posted a lot has happened! My youngest daughter had a baby in August. She is truly the cutest baby in the universe! Next, we were spared by the super storm, Sandy. We did lose two huge very old trees though. Thankfully, the one that could have crushed the house fell into the field. The other did as well. I have never been so tense during a storm. Because our house is on a hill, the wind was powerfully scary! I feel as though I shouldn't complain at all since we just had numerous uprooted trees. The people in New York and New Jersey were hit the hardest! Finally, my puppy, Tommy, has turned into a teenage dog. He is still adorable and fun, but he has a little attitude! We are in training to correct all that! I do hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! My goal is to post more in the new year!

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